Adopt a Greyhound

Visiting the Greyhounds at the adoption kennel is an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone! Our Greyhound adoption experts work hard to ensure that your visit will be positive and informative.

Once an application is completed, and you have spoken to an adoption counselor, he or she will personally meet with you to introduce you to the available Greyhounds, answer questions and share their knowledge and experiences with Greyhounds. We pride ourselves on being the Greyhound experts. We don’t rely on kennel staff for these important introductions. You deserve our undivided attention and our commitment to making every adoption a photo finish!

Please note that an application must be completed and reviewed by an adoption counselor before an appointment will be scheduled to visit the greyhounds available for adoption.


Greyhounds Currently Available for Adoption

Below are the dogs we currently have available for adoption. New greyhounds enter our adoption program all the time, so please check back often.

Flyer This adoptable is good for homes with cats!

Flyer is an outgoing and confident, 5 year old red boy who would like to fly into your heart and home! He was returned to our adoption program recently in need of some behavioral assessments. After thorough observation in a foster home, it has been determined that he is ready for adoption. Flyer is a sweet boy who will follow you to the end of the earth for attention! He is cat safe and will do best in a home with previous canine experience! His signature song is "Homeward Bound".

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Cowboy This adoptable is good for homes with cats!

Cowboy is a head-turning handsome, 4 year old fawn boy. He is a very happy hound and will light up your life with his exuberance and playful personality. He is cat safe, making him a welcome addition to any home! His signature song is "Love the One You're With".

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Charger This adoptable is good for homes with cats!

Charger is a handsome, 3 year old, red brindle boy with ears that can hear a pin drop!!! He is a bit reserved at first, but quickly responds to attention and affection. Charger is cat safe and will be a perfect addition to any home. His signature song is "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

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Meloni This adoptable is good for homes with cats!

Meloni is a tiny little greyhound girl who is only 2 1/2 years old. She is a beautiful redhead and is able to live in harmony with cats. Meloni is quiet, very loving and will be very happy to find a home to call her own! Her signature song is "Where is the Love?"

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