Where the Three Rivers Meet

Greyhound Pet Adoptions/Three Rivers Greyhounds (GPA/TRG) of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization dedicated to retired racing Greyhound adoption. There are thousands of Greyhounds in the United States who are anxiously waiting for homes because they do not qualify for racing or they are retired from racing.

The mission of our all-volunteer organization is to educate the public about the suitability of Greyhounds as house pets and to find loving forever homes for Greyhounds and only Greyhounds.

Neutrality Policy on Greyhound Racing

TRG respects the right of every individual to have a personal opinion of the racing industry. In light of the passage of Constitutional Amendment 13 in Florida on November 6, 2018, racing will end effective 1/1/2021.  TRG did not support or oppose the passage of this amendment.  TRG has never been, nor will it ever be, an anti-racing or pro-racing organization. TRG is racing neutral. Furthermore, TRG has never been aligned with any organization promoting anti-racing or pro-racing sentiment.

Upcoming Events

Petco Meet & Greets

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Pet Valu Meet & Greets

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Healthy Pet Products Meet & Greets

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PetSmart Meet & Greets

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Dara Smile Fund

The DARA SMILES Fund helps pay for extraordinary medical expenses for sick or injured Greyhounds. Donate today!

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Volunteer to Help

Looking to get involved? We are always grateful for our volunteers. There are a lot of ways you can help, including fundraising, public relations, transporting dogs, placement follow-ups, home visits, and more!

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Greyhounds Currently Available for Adoption

New greyhounds will be arriving soon, so please continue to check back with us often!